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Bobila Walker Law, located in Toronto and Richmond Hill, possesses extensive family law experience. We are Richmond Hill divorce and family law lawyers. 

Our experienced team offers legal advice on divorce, child custody, child support, equalization, separation agreements, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, litigation of all matrimonial and family law matters.

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At Bobila Walker Law, we provide effective, intelligent and cost-effective divorce and family law advice to our clients in Richmond Hill and the GTA area. Based in Richmond Hill and in Toronto’s financial district, our firm serves clients across the greater Toronto area, including Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Markham, Brampton, North York, New Market, Aurora, Thornhill and others. Our legal team will meet with you personally to understand your unique circumstances. We provide you with all the options and decide with you what is best for your situation.

We understand that our clients can face difficult and emotional situations. We are here assist with these. If you are going through a divorce, child custody dispute or other family law matter, you need someone you trust to guide you through the legal process.

Emphasizing comprehensive, and cutting-edge service, our Toronto and Richmond Hill family law office offers expertise in professional trial advocacy, negotiation, collaborative law, mediation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, child custody and support, spousal maintenance, property division, and variations and enforcement.

Your assets and finances must be protected. Our highly skilled divorce lawyers understand how to resolve complex issues, particularly when it comes to costly divorce proceedings, the divisions of marital property and difficult custody matters. Bobila Walker Law is experienced in handling all aspects of family law including, but not limited to:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • International Divorce proceedings
  • Property division, distribution of assets and debts (equalization)
  • Child custody and access
  • Child support and all related proceedings
  • Section 7, Special Expenses
  • Spousal support
  • Post judgment and enforcement proceedings
  • Prenuptial agreements, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements and enforcement of related proceedings
  • Family court matters, including paternity cases and domestic violence matters
  • Special Negotiations
  • Mediations
  • Arbitrations

The issues above are serious matters. To ensure that you rights and finances are protected, we ask you to contact us at 416-847-1859 or via e-mail at

Divorce Proceedings

The team of Bobila Walker Law assists clients in all aspects of divorce, such as child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and property division, with the goal of helping clients resolve potentially contentious issues.

Contact our office at 416-847-1859 to discuss your matter or at

As Toronto and Richmond Hill family law and divorce lawyers, we thoroughly understand Ontario divorce laws and how they apply in different divorce circumstances. A contested divorce can easily last up to two years or longer, using up your finances through legal fees and experts, increasing tension between the parties and making the relationship with your children difficult.

At Bobila Walker Law we try to resolve these issues in a timely manner so that all parties can move on.

Although Bobila Walker Law are your advocates and aggressively fight for you, the firm is also qualified to assist with alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our lawyers have participated in mediations and arbitrations, either through the court or private arrangements.

Property Division, Distribution of Assets and Debts (Equalization)

If you are going through a divorce, you are probably concerned about the distribution of your property. How can you equitably distribute items acquired over the course of your marriage? At Bobila Walker Law, our Toronto lawyers excel in Ontario property division laws and can help you to develop a plan to fairly divide your property.

When assets in a divorce are significant or complex, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney on your side to help you navigate the process. Contact our office today at 416-847-1859 or

Divorces that involve complex property division involving high assets, business ownership, professional licenses and other complex financial matters have the potential to be high conflict and high profile.  Divorces of this nature must be handled carefully and knowledgeably.  If you are facing a high net worth divorce in Toronto, Bobila Walker Law are prepared to protect your rights and your financial future.

In Ontario, property acquired during the marriage is considered joint property, and should be divided between spouses accordingly.  Factors such as the increase in value or real estate and retirement accounts will also be included, with the exception of gifts and inheritances.

In a high net worth divorce and one that involves complex property division, it is critical that the assets and property are thoroughly evaluated to ensure an equitable division of property.  The attorneys at Bobila Walker Law have contacts with leading experts in economics, forensic accounting, business valuation and other fields to ensure that your case is handled properly.  We handle a wide range of complex property division matters through our roster of experts, including those involving:

  • Business valuations
  • Division of corporate partnership assets
  • Ownership of residential, commercial and ranch real estate
  • Stock options
  • Inheritance
  • Tax issues

Family court judges are required to distribute marital assets between spouses, including property acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage.  What constitutes fair division of property is based on full financial disclosure.

Determining value and worth of assets is another complex issue the lawyers at Bobila Walker Law can help with

At Bobila Walker Law, our experience in dealing these issues will allow us to either settle a matter to our client’s satisfaction or to take it to court. We seek to negotiate an accurate and fair settlement that works for you and allows you to achieve your goals and get a stable new start. at trial if that is necessary.

Child Custody Access

Bobila Walker Law child custody cases with commitment that is in the best interest of the child.

If any wish to speak to us about any of the issues, please contact Bobila Walker Law at 416-847-1859 or

We are aware that divorce proceedings can become complicated, emotional, difficult and heated, especially when it involves custody and access arrangements.

Our lawyers have handled complicate and simple cases involving very serious issues of custody. We work with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer where they are appointed, and any other experts or investigators where required by the court. Our team is fully informed of each case and decisions on all matters require your consent. We provide our clients with the full attention need in order to properly represent them.

In Ontario, like the rest of Canada, the main question asked is “what is in the best interest of the child”. Sometimes, a separate trial may take place to ensure that the child’s best interests are taken into consideration after the divorce is finalized.

Child Support And All Related Proceedings

Two of the questions we are often asked is how child support is calculated and if it can be changed. Canada has published child support guidelines that essentially look at the parents’ income, the number of children and the time-sharing arrangement, or how much time each spends with the child.

If you need assistance with your child support obligation or want advice about how to enforce it, please contact Bobila Walker Law at 416-847-1859 or

Our legal staff knows that raising a child requires more than love and attention; it requires money to support the child’s needs.

Our skilled and experienced lawyer will apply the applicable laws available to ensure that a fair and just financial rendering is provided through the family courts to ensure you are able to raise your child properly.

Child support in Canada and Ontario is decided based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Spousal Support

Spousal support may apply in your Ontario divorce if you were married for any length of time. Spousal support is a payment from a higher-earning spouse to the other to make their incomes and standard of living more equal. It is based on two criteria: need and compensation.

Please contact Bobila Walker Law at 416-847-1859 or

While spousal support is based on statutory criteria, it is not automatically awarded or computed strictly by a formula. Whether you are negotiating spousal support or taking the issue to court, through a mediation or arbitration, it is critical to hire an experienced divorce attorney. Bobila Walker Law will aggressively assert your interests in this important financial matter. Some factors to consider are:

  • Duration of Marriage
  • Standard of Living
  • Debts and Financial Assets of Both Parties
  • Earning Capacity of Both Parties
  • Educational Contributions made Toward Supporting Party
  • Factors that the Court Deems Relevant and Equitable
  • Future Earning Capacity Caused by Periods of Unemployment
  • Marketable Skills of the Party Seeking Alimony
  • Relative Health of Both Parties
  • Respective Incomes of Both Parties
  • Retirement Benefits

We take a compassionate and reliable approach to ensuring that your spousal support case is handled with precision and accuracy to ensure that you are awarded the support you need to sustain the lifestyle in which you are accustomed.

However, it is important that we uphold the law with integrity and honesty, thereby defending the rights of the payer, if we are hired to do so. The accomplished lawyers at our firm are practiced in upholding both sides of the matrimonial payment debate, and will accommodate either party in pursuit of a fair and legal adjustment of their income.

Prenuptial Agreements

When a couple gets married, Ontario law will define the rights spouses during marriage and divorce.

To speak to us about this matter, please call Bobila Walker Law at 416-847-1859 of

Ontario law presumes that marriage is a form of partnership. The assets obtained during marriage (and debt), by either or both spouses, take on characteristics of being those of the marriage.

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, allows spouses to change and agree to different rights and obligations with respect to their property interests that would otherwise be imposed by the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act.

Prenuptial agreements are legal agreement or contracts. Our firm specializes in drafting prenuptial agreements to ensure that your assets are protected.

Its important to stress that we highly recommended that you NOT try to draft your prenup on your own. If done wrongly, it can be rendered void and set aside by the courts.

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of both you and your spouse while you live separate and apart lives for a period of time or permanently. It is always advised to have lawyers draft the agreement with the client’s input.

To contact us, please call Bobila Walker Law at 416-847-1859 of

Separation Agreement is a contract between you and your spouse, where you both agree to the

following: live separate and apart, who is responsible for paying what bills, whom the children will live with, if child support will be paid, what visitation arrangements will be, what happens to the marital property, or anything else you want to include.

Separation agreements deal with issues such as:

  • child support, custody, visitation
  • spousal support (aka maintenance or alimony)
  • who gets the house
  • where you each will reside
  • division of property issues (marital assets and liabilities) and
  • many other provisions that may be unique to your situation as long as they’re not prohibited by law 

Both parties must agree to the entire Separation Agreement and their signatures should be

acknowledged in the presence of a notary public, although both don’t have to appear before the

notary at the same time, or even use the same notary. The Separation Agreement becomes legally

binding when signed by both parties and notarized and can be enforced if the terms are violated by the other spouse.

One year after signing and notarizing the Agreement, you or your spouse may file for a divorce based on your Separation Agreement.


Mediation is a voluntary process where divorcing couples work together with a trained mediator to negotiate and resolve their differences in a non-adversarial forum.

To obtain advice, help or have us attend your mediation, please contact Bobila Walker Law at 416-847-1859 of

In mediation, no one decides who is right and who is wrong, or who wins and who loses.  The mediator merely facilitates communication and helps you to evaluate your options. Our lawyers would be either facilitate the process or attend the mediation with you.

For many divorcing couples, mediation has become a viable alternative to the financial costs and emotional toll of traditional adversarial legal representation.  Mediation is based on the premise that the people getting divorced are in the best position to make decisions that will have long-term personal and financial consequences on their lives.

  • We appreciate all the work you have done for our family. You are one of the few professionals we will be recommending to our friends and business partners.

    Family B.
  • Thank you for the excellent work you have done on our file. We are truly grateful.

  • We hired the firm to assist us in a personal legal matter. The advice we received was valuable and tailored to our family’s needs. Thank you.

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  • We can’t express enough how happy we are with having hired your firm.

  • We appreciate all the work you have done for our family. You are one of the few professionals we will be recommending to our friends and business partners.

    Family B.
  • Thank you for the excellent work you have done on our file. We are truly grateful.

  • We hired the firm to assist us in a personal legal matter. The advice we received was valuable and tailored to our family’s needs. Thank you.

    Family T.
  • We can’t express enough how happy we are with having hired your firm.




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