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Our firm represents individuals at all stages of immigration, refugee and citizenship processes. We also assist individuals, whether they are in Asia, Europe, or Latin America to make applications to immigrate and obtain status in Canada and to resolve issues of admissibility.

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Customs Search and Seizure

Increasingly individuals travelling to Canada have found themselves facing problems with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Most recently, the CBSA has reported that more and more Canadians are in breach of the customs rules.

Persons entering Canada must declare certain goods when they are bringing them to Canada. The value of those goods must be disclosed. For example, under Canadian law, all individuals arriving in Canada by air with more than $10,000 must disclose this amount on the E311 Declaration Card. Failure to do so can result in multiple penalties and seizure of the amount. When individuals are leaving Canada by air or by land, they also must make a voluntary disclosure to CBSA if they are travelling with more than $10,000.

When an individual makes a false declaration, the goods or money can be seized and fines or duties imposed under section 153 of the Customs Act. If a CBSA officer determines that CBSA will immediately seize the goods or money if a violation of the law has been established. To challenge the seizure, an individual has 90 days to file an appeal. It is essential that you obtain legal representation. If you wish to speak to us about your case, please contact 416-847-1859 or contact us at

Refugee Claims

Canada offers refugee protection to some people in Canada who fear persecution or who would be in danger if they had to leave.

Officers receiving your refugee claim will decide whether it is eligible for referral to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), an independent administrative tribunal that makes decisions on immigration and refugee matters. The IRB decides who is a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection.

Your refugee claim may not be eligible for referral to the IRB if:

  • You have been recognized as a Convention refugee by another country to which you can return;
  • You have already been granted protected person status in Canada;
  • You arrived via the Canada-United States border;
  • You are not admissible to Canada on security grounds, or because of criminal activity or human rights violations;
  • You made a previous refugee claim that was found to be ineligible for referral to the IRB;
  • You made a previous refugee claim that was rejected by the IRB; or
  • You abandoned or withdrew a previous refugee claim.

Sometimes Canadian officials will reject the claim. Our law firm can assist in you in obtaining the proper representation if you wish to appeal the decision.

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